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B&L Music (2010–)

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Half of Me (New)

Midnight Lights (2012)

Just 4 You (2014)

Girl Power (2019)



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Girl Power is an All Girl Band formed by Lisa Simpson and Allison Taylor with than friend Greta Wolfcastle until the band announced Greta was kicked out of the band 
 Girl Power Tours
  • Midnight Lights (May – July 2012)
  • Half of Me (2013–14)
  • Just 4 You Tour (2014–15)
  • Girl Power World Tour (2015–16)
  • No upcoming tours (as of 2017)
  • The Be-Sharps Farewell End of the Road Tour (2019: Supporting Act Ft The Party Posse)
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Rainier Wolfcastle (2010–16) (Managing Girl Power and Lisa and Greta) (now just Greta only)
Maria Wolfcastle (2016–Present) (managing Girl Power, Lisa & Allison Taylor only)
Management Team:
B&L Group (2010–16) (Managing Allison Taylor only: 2016–Present)
McBain Music Management (2010Present) (just managing the band)
B&L Music (2010–Present: Just signed with Allison and Lisa)
McBain Music (2010–Present: Signed Lisa and Allison only) (since it got took over by Maria)
Music Career
2011–12: Founded & Record Deal
Girl Powe was founded by Lisa Simpson in April 2010, They signed a record deal with B&L Music formerly known as Bart's Records Founded by Bart & Lisa Simpson.
2012–13: Midnight Lights
Girl Power released their first album ''Midnight Lights'' in 2012 it went to number 2 just behind The Party Posse.
2013–14: Half of Me
Girl Power released their second album ''Half of Me'' it went to number 1 in the official charts.
2014–2019: Just 4 You & Tour & Hiatus (5 Years)
In 2014 Girl Power released their new album ''Just 4 You'' it went to number 1 in the official album charts and number 2 in the official single charts, Girl Power announced a hiatus after their ''Just 4 You Tour''.
Lisa's Solo Career
2013–14: Just the Two of Us
Lisa released her first solo album ''Just the Two of Us'' feat Bart.
2014–16: Bart & Lisa Show and Tour
Bart and Lisa announced their TV Show ''Bart & Lisa Show'' and Just the Two of Us Tour.
2016–18: Future plans & Always my one
In 2016 Lisa will be on Tour with her  brother Bart and will star in his new film. Lisa announced she will be starring in Bart's new video ''Deep Deep Trouble''. In 2018 Lisa announced her new album 
2018–Present: Future Career
In 2018 Lisa announced her plan for the future since the band went on hiatus. Lisa told Channel 6 Lisa will be doing a tour with Bart in 2019 for his upcoming tours. Lisa will be with Allison as Supporting Acts for The Be-Sharps End of the road tour without Greta due to band issues.
Greta's Solo Career
2013–14: Career & Acting
In 2014 Greta took part of McBain Movie and Bartman Movie, Greta will be taking part in Her dad's new movie ''Mrs Mom''
2014–Present: Greta's first solo album & Dropped, Greta's solo career
Greta is currently signed to B&L Entertainment and was McBain Music the label her dad Rainier founded. In 2016 Greta announced she will be leaving Girl Power to focus on Her Acting career.
Allison's Solo Career
2013–15: Music Career
Allison music career started in 2010 when Lisa offered her a part in the band
2015–16: Solo Career and TV Career
in 2015 Allison started a solo career signed to B&L Music and is co-creator of Bart's New Show
2016–17: Acting and roles
In 2016 Allison announced she is in an acting role to play in McBain's creator Rainier Wolfcastle film In the new film Allison got to have sex with Rainier but her boyfriend and creator of B&L's Bart told him no. Allison announced that she will be taking a year off to focus on her personal life
2017–19: Future and Solo
Allison announced she will be taking some time off due to her and Bart's engagement and will be carry on her solo career once she had a 3 Year Break
2019–Present: Allison and Lisa's World Tour 
Allison and Lisa will be doing a tour in 2019 

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