Welcome to Mapple Corporation 

Mapple Films (also known as McBain Pictures) is an American Film Company founded by Actor Rainier Wolfcastle. it is co-owned by Rainier and B&L Films (B&L, Inc.) the company headoffice is in  Hollywood where Rainier lives with his wife and children. The Company was renamed to Mapple  Corporation also known as Mapple Pictures Enterprise. 



  • Rainier Wolfcastle (Founder)
  • B&L Group (Co-Founder)


  • Rainier Wolfcastle (2012–13) (0%) (Sold his shares to Mapple, Inc)
  • B&L, Inc. (2012–13) 
  • Mapple Studios (2013–Present) (100%)

Parent Company:

  • B&L Films (22% own) (Parent Company: B&L, Inc.)
  • Ginormous Pictures (40%)
  • McBain Corp (5%)

Key Prople:

  • Mel Gibson (Chairman of McBain Films) (2013–Present)
  • Bart & Lisa Simpson (Co-Owner, Investors and Co-COO) (2012–Present) (selling 4%)
  • Greta Wolfcastle (President & CEO of McBain Corp.) (2014–16) (sacked)
  • Rainier Wolfcastle (Shareholder & Chairman of McBain Corp) (2014–16) (Sacked)
  • Maria Wolfcastle (shareholder, Investor and Chairwoman of McBain Corp (2016–Present)
  • Steve Smith (COO) (2015–16), (Co-COO) (2017) (Hired by Luke Stetson)
  • Luke Stetson (CEO and COO) (2016–Present)




McBain Corporation (2012–13) (Original name founded in 2012 by Actor Rainier Wolfcastle)

McBain Films (2013–14)

Mapple Picture Corporation (2014–) (also known as Mapple Pictures Enterprise and Mapple Films)

Founded:   Founder:   Owners:   Parent:
April 2012   Mapple Inc  

Mapple Inc. (2013–Present)

B&L Inc. (2012–13)

  Ginormous Pictures

Films by Mapple Films (2014–Present)

Release date:   Film Title:   Note:
May 12, 2016   McBain VII   with B&L Films
April 01, 2016   Bartman    with B&L Films
May 2,   2016   Angry Dad: The Movie   with  Ginormous Pictures
T.B.D 2017   Itchy & Scratchy: Movie  

with Ginormous Pictures

B&L Films

To Be Announced   Radioactive Man Movie    N/A
To Be Announced   The Bartman Vs McBain   Co-production with B&L
T.B.D   Mrs Mom II   with Ginormous Pictures
May 2018   The Bartman Movie   with B&L Films
2019   The Party Posse: Movie   Ginormous 

Mapple–McBain Corporation Company

Mapple/McBain Corporation (also known as Mcbain Corporation) is a corporation company that is a division of Mapple  Corporation a subdivision of Mapple, Inc.

Founded   Founders   Parent   Year Active 
May 2, 2014   Mapple, Inc.   Ginormous   May 2014–2019



Key People:

  • Rainier Wolfcastle (Shareholder) (2014–16) (Sacked)
  • Mapple, Inc (Founder & Owner Company)
  • Greta Wolfcastle (former President & CEO) (2014–16) (now COO)  (2016) (Sacked)
  • Alec Baldwin (Co-CEO and Chairman) (2015–17) (Now Director)
  • Mel Gibson (President & CEO) (2016–Present)
  • Steve Smith & Simon Woosterfield (Co-COO) (2016–19)
  • Luke Stetson (Voice Chairman) (2016–Present)

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Current Official Partner 2009–2015
Current Official Partner 2009–2015
Official Partner  2010–2016
Official Partner 2010–2016
Former Partner (2008–2010)
Former Partner (2008–2010)
Official Partner 2012–Present
Official Partner 2012–Present
Monorail owned by Mapple Inc. 2012–2014
Monorail owned by Mapple Inc. 2012–2014
Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016 – Present)
Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016–Present)
Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)
Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)