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Springfield's Mayor is now Actor Rainier Wolfcastle after winning the vote and beating former Mayor.


Rainier said ''Thank you for picking me as your Mayor I won't let you down like your old mayor''


List of Mayors:

Drederick Tatum (since 2023)

Maria Wolfcastle (2016–2023)

Rainier Wolfcastle (2008–2016)

Mayor Quimby (2000–2008)


Vice Mayor of Springfield:

Alec Baldwin (2008–16)

Stan Smith (2016–17)

Bart Simpson (since 2023)

Mayor In Office Succeeded By
  • Drederick Tatum
July 2023 – Present   
  • Maria Wolfcastle
April 2016 – July 2023 Drederick Tatum
  • Rainier Wolfcastle
2nd May 2008 – April 2016 Maria Wolfcastle
  • Mayor Quimby 
April 2000 – 2nd May 2008
Rainier Wolfcastle
Bart Simpson 
Maria Wolfcastle 
Sideshow bob 
Mayor of Springfield 2008–2016
Mayor of Springfield 2008–2016

The Mayor of Springfield was Actor Rainier Wolfcastle the town of Springfield voted and they will voted for Actor Rainier to be their new Mayor. 2014–Present. Rainier is married to Maria they have a daughter together named Greta who is also a Actress and is the girlfriend of Bart Simpson, Bart and Greta announced their engagement.


In 2015, Rainier announced he is stepping down as Mayor of Springfield. Rainier announced he won't be stepping down as Mayor now

Spouse of  Mayor of Springfield 2008–16
Spouse of Mayor of Springfield 2008–16

Maria Wolfcastle (née Quimby) is the Wife of Actor Rainier Wolfcastle and  Spouse of the Mayor of Springfield they also have a daughter Greta Wolfcastle. She married Rainier and have a daughter together named Greta who Actress and the girlfriend of Bart Simpson 


In 2014, Maria and Rainier announced they have split up after Rainier cheated on her with his following-judge Sara.


In 2015, Rainier and Maria announced they are back together.


Since the split with Husband Rainier Maria has been the Mayor of Springfield (2016–Present) the new Spouse of Springfield will be Herb Power the uncle of Bart Simpson.

2008–16: Mayor Rainier Wolfcastle

Since becoming Mayor in 2008, Rainier has announced he will be making changes to Springfield, In 2015, Rainier announced he will be stepping down as Mayor in 2016

2016–23: Mayor Maria Wolfcastle

In 2016 it was announced that Former Mayor Rainier Wolfcastle ex-wife will be the new Mayor after the whole of Springfield find out about Rainier and his daughter relationship, She said her and Rainier are officially over and is seeing someone else but won't say who. It was announced that Steve Smith's dad Stan Smith was going to be Second Mayor of Springfield which also be made he kick Maria Wolfcastle out when it comes to voting again.

2023–Present: TBA

Drederick Tatum is Springfield current Mayor after beating Bart Simpson 50-40 on Votes Bart is now Head of Mayor Office (Vice Mayor of Springfield) till 2024

Running for Mayor 2023: 


  • Drederick Tatum
    • 50% Votes - (First Round)
    • 10% Votes - (Second Round)
    • TBA - (Final Round)
  • Bart Simpson
    • 50 votes (first round)
    • 50 votes (second round)
    • TBA (Final Round)
  • Maria Wolfcastle (Current Mayor)
    • 40 votes (first round)
    • 50 votes (second round)
    • TBA (Final Round)
  • Sideshow bob 
    • 10 votes (first round)
    • 0 votes (second round, lost)
  • Mr Burns
    • lost vote (1%)
    • Mr. Burns got 1 vote
  • Mayor Quimby (former mayor)
    • lost vote (0%)
    • didn't even get 1
  • Stan Smith (out of the vote)
    • Stan is out of the vote
    • Stan lost the vote
  • Chloe Talbot
    • 50% Votes
    • 40% Votes
    • TBA
Name: Note: After Vote:
Drederick Tatum Former Boxer  
Bart Simpson Owner of B&L 100
Maria Wolfcastle Current Mayor 90
Sideshow Bob Former TV star Lost
Mr Burns Owner of SNPP 1 lost
Mayor Quimby former Mayor Lost vote
Stan Smith CIA Stepped down

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