The Party Posse Life (TV Series)

The Party Posse: Life is an American TV Series that follow boy band The Party Posse it was created by The Boys in 2013 it is on Channel 6  but since the boys went on Hiatus it haven't been on since. 

Created by:   Starring:   Channel:   Original Run:

Bart Simpson


Bart Simpson

Nelson Muntz

Milhouse Van Houten

Ralph Wiggum

  Channel 24  

May 2013 – April 2014

Second Series:

April 2015  – Present



1 (2013–14)

2 (2015–16)

3 (2016–17)

4 (2017–19)

5 (2019–20)

6 (hiatus)

7 (TBC)



Channel 6 (2013–19)

Channel 24 (2020–Present)


The Band announced the Show will be on Hiatus from season 5 onward


Sponsored by:

McBain Films (2013–14) (1 Year Deal until April 2014) (Ended)

Mapple, Inc. (2014–15) (1 Year Deal until 2015) (Ended)

McBain Music (2015–2019) (6 Year Deal until 2019) (Ended)

KBBL (2017–Present)

Ginormous Studios (since 2019)


Production Companies:

McBain Pictures (2015–16) (Ended)

Ginormous Pictures (2013–14, 2015–Present) (renewed)

Channel 6 Media Group (2013–14) (Ended)

Mapple Studios (2015–Present) (Ending in TBA)

Dope (2016–Present) (2 Years deal)

Slut's Entertainment (2017–) (formerly called Bart's Sluts Entertainment)



Bart Simpson (Creator, Producer, Actor, Screenwriter, Director and Head of Production) (2013–Present)

Charlie Simpson (Writer. Producer, Actor, Screenwriter and Head Director)

Lisa Simpson (PA to Bart and Co-Producer / Director / Screenwriter)

Simon Woosterfield (2016–18) (Co-producer/writer) (Now Director: 2019–20)

Luke Stetson (2017–) (Writer, Actor, Co-Director, Casting Director)

Ned Flanders (Writer) (2017–18), Now Head of Directors and Co-Producer: (2019–Present)

Dredrick Tatum (Head of Security) (since 2019)



Bart Simpson 

Charlie Simpson (Also writer & Producer)

Ralph Wiggum (2008–15, 2017–present)

Nelson Muntz

Milhouse Van Houten 

Rainier Wolfcastle (Band Manager)  (2010–15)

Simon Woosterfield (2015–16, 2017–Present) (Leaving for a bit)

Luke Stetson (2017–Present)

Ned Flanders (Band Manager)

Lisa Simpson (Bart's Slut/Girlfriend)

Marge Simpson (2017)

Drederick Tatum (2019) (guest)



Bart Simpson (2013–Present) (Season 1–2, 4–Present)

Lisa Simpson (2015–Present) (Season 5–Present) (now Co-Writer)

Charlie Simpson (2016–Present) (Season 4–Present)

Luke Stetson (2017–Present) (Season 6–Present)

Marge Simpson (2018) (Season 6, 7)

Lurleen (2019)

Milhouse Van Houten (Season 3 only)

Drederick Tatum (Season 9–10)

Simon Woosterfield (Season 1–3, 9–10)


Followed by:

The Be Sharps: Life After (2009)

Girl Power Story (2014)

Starring:   Note:   Year:
Bart Simpson  

Lead Singer


Milhouse Van Houten   Band Member   2013–P
Nelson Muntz   Band Member   2013
Ralph Wiggum  

Band member




Rainier Wolfcastle   Former (sacked)  



Simon Woosterfield  

Tour Member

Producer, Director (2018–)



Charlie Simpson  

Tour Member

Producer & Writer

Luke Stetson  

Tour Member 

Bart's on screen Boyfriend

Ned Flanders   Band Manager   2017–
Lisa Simpson  

Bart's Slut/Girlfriend




Ron Flanders   Milhouse's Boyfriend  



Todd Flanders   Ron's Brother  



Lurleen   herself   2019–20
Drederick Tatum   himself   2019
Jessica Lovejoy   Nelson's Girlfriend   2019–20

2013–14: Series One & Band Hiatus

In 2013, It was announced that the Party Posse would have their own TV Series that aired in May 2013 to April 2014 when the band announced their Hiatus. it is unknown if the show would return for a second series.

2015–17: Second Series & Ralph's Leaves & Final Series

In 2015, The Party Posse announced their show would return without Following band-member Ralph Wiggum who quit the band in 2015 on their tour. It was announced that The Show will be it's last on Channel 6.

2019–Present: Third Series, New Characters & Hiatus

It was announced that a Third Series is to air in 2017 on a new channel with Ned Flanders as The Band Manager and Co-Producer and Lisa Simpson as Bart's Slut and Ron Flanders as Milhouse's Boyfriend. It was announced the show would once again go on Hiatus. When the show returns it was announced that Ron Flanders will be leaving the series as Milhouse's Boyfriend. Bart announced he will be taking some time off. Ralph Wiggum announced his will be leaving the series in 2019. The Show has moved to channel 24.

Departing Characters

Actor:   Characters:   Date:
Simon Woosterfield  

Tour Member

Jessica Lovejoy   Nelson's Girlfriend   2019
Ralph Wiggum    himself   2019
Marge Simpson   Ned's Girlfriend   2020
Homer Simpson   Lurleen's manager   2020
Nelson Muntz   Band Member   2021
Jessica Lovejoy   Nelson's Girlfriend   2020

Returning Characters

Bart Simpson will be returning in 2020 (Bart having time off to be with Lisa on Holiday) 

Milhouse Van Houten will be returning in 2020

Actor:   Character:   Return Date:
Bart Simpson   Himself   2020
Milhouse   Himself    2020
Lisa Simpson   Bart's slut/Girlfriend   2020
Ron Flanders   Milhouse's Boyfriend   2021

Future Characters

Actor:   Characters:   Date:
Carl Carlson   TBA   TBA
Abe Simpson   Stage Manager   2019
Lurleen   Herself   2019
Charlie Simpson   Bart's son   2020
Homer Simpson   Angry Dad   2021

Former Characters:

Actor:   Characters:   Year:
Rainier Wolfcastle   Band Manager   2013–15
Todd Flanders   Himself    2017
Simon W   Tour Member   2015–19
Dredrick Tatum   Guest   2019
Marge Simpson   Ned's Girlfriend   2019
Edna Flanders   Talent Manager   unseen
Homer Simpson   Lurleen's Manager   2019
Jessica Lovejoy   Nelson's Girlfriend   2020

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